'I think he can': Danny Murphy thinks Arsenal have youngster who could soon be scoring 25 goals a season

Danny Murphy believes that Bukayo Saka has the potential to score 25 goals a season after Arsenal announced a new long-term contract for the youngster this week.

Murphy was speaking on talkSPORT after the Gunners confirmed that the 21-year-old has signed a new deal. The contract is set to keep him at the Emirates until 2027.

It is an announcement that feels a long time coming. Arsenal have moved themselves into a position where it is hard to see why Bukayo Saka would have any desire to leave.

Murphy thinks Saka could score 25 goals a season for Arsenal It is a remarkable return. But Danny Murphy has started to wonder what sort of level he could reach in the years to come.

But Murphy actually believes that there is so much more for Saka to achieve in the years to come.

He told talkSPORT: "The only thing for Saka for me, the only thing is what's his ceiling? So I'm looking at him thinking, with his ability, strength, his quick feet, his two-footedness, his strike, his goals; he's got 14 this season, and double figures for assists - where can he go?

"When you look at the best right wingers scoring the most goals - Salah's a great example of someone who'll always score goals - can Saka go another 20 percent out of him, 25 percent out of him in the next couple of years and start hitting 20, 25 goals a season and 15 assists, and really pushing on again? I think he can."

It is a frightening thought. But you would not be surprised if Saka did reach a level where he is scoring 25 goals a season.

This year appears to have taken its toll on him somewhat. But you would imagine that he will be raring to go by the time Arsenal kick off the new campaign.

And you would like to think that Edu and Mikel Arteta will bring in someone who can take a lot of pressure off of Saka.

Having someone to push him and rival him may be the final piece in the jigsaw for someone who appears to have it all.

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