Annoyance with Aston Villa player – Wages go against ‘common morals’ and without something ‘unthinkable’ he’s been useless
Source: Sportwitness

As disastrous transfers go, Leander Dendoncker's move from Aston Villa to Napoli in January must be up there.

Pretty much everyone at the Italian side has been furious about the move from day one and Calcio Napoli 24 continue that today.

They label the midfielder as a 'mysterious object' who nobody can work out at the club, so much so that he will be sent back to Aston Villa in the summer having made no impact and spent most of his time at the club sat on the bench.

The move has proven to be a costly one for Napoli, who have paid half of EUR2.2m a year wages for the entirety of his sixth month loan spell. That equates to EUR6,000 per day, something they believe goes against 'common morals', especially when you consider he's earning EUR180,000 a month. It's pointed out that would take a decade for some people to earn.

The situation is considered even more immoral given he's spent more of his time admiring the city and enjoying it than actually playing football, with only 21 minutes under his belt to date.

It would take something 'unthinkable' for the club to keep him at this point, with an ever-increasing level of regret about the decision to sign the Aston Villa man and pay so much money to do so.