PSG Insider Reveals Why Mbappe Chose Real Madrid Over Liverpool
Source: Sportbible
  • Kylian Mbappe is set to join Real Madrid despite links to Liverpool.
  • Liverpool's potential signing of Mbappe seems unlikely now.
  • The uncertainty at Liverpool, including the departure of Klopp, worked against them.
Kylian Mbappe appears set to join Real Madrid this summer from PSG despite consistent links to Liverpool. Recent interest from Arsenal has emerged but it looks like the potential signing has passed by. Multiple outlets have confirmed that Mbappe will be leaving PSG and although his destination is not yet confirmed, it seems highly likely he will end up at Madrid. Julien Laurens, a French football expert, explained that there was probably a chance for Mbappe to sign with Liverpool at some point. However, this doesn't reflect negatively on the Premier League as Real Madrid was always the club he wanted to play for. Since childhood, when asked why he learned Spanish in school, his response indicated his dream of being unveiled as a player at Bernabeu showcasing incredible drive and ambition. One factor that cost Liverpool the signing of Mbappe was Jurgen Klopp's decision to leave while Carlo Ancelotti remained at Real Madrid. The uncertainty surrounding who would manage Liverpool next season and whether Mo Salah would still be part of the team worked against them. Despite being disappointing news for fans hoping for both Salah and Mbappe in their squad together, Laurens clarified that fielding such a side would have been nearly impossible due mainly because they lack sufficient funds. It should be noted though that if Mo Salah were to leave in future seasons or transfer elsewhere soon enough after these events transpired, it could potentially change circumstances making Kylian's arrival more plausible given his admiration towards LFC.