Ornstein: Man United Legend ‘Scored Well’ in Liverpool’s Managerial Search
Source: Anfieldindex

Liverpool's Search for Klopp's Successor Liverpool's quest to find a successor for Jurgen Klopp is one of the most scrutinised tasks in football today. Amidst this high-stakes search, Michael Carrick's name has surfaced as an intriguing candidate, despite his strong ties to Liverpool's fierce rivals, Manchester United.

David Ornstein of The Athletic recently revealed some fascinating insights about Liverpool's managerial search. According to Ornstein, Carrick's data analysis scores 'very well' in evaluations conducted by clubs exploring the managerial market. "I really like what I've seen and heard about Carrick, his style of play and backroom team," Ornstein said. "He scores very well on the data analysis conducted by clubs who have been/are looking at the managerial market (even Liverpool when they were in the process of finding Klopp's successor) and he looks to be building an impressive early career in the dugout."

Michael Carrick's Managerial Rise Carrick has been making waves in the Championship with Middlesbrough, transforming the team into strong contenders for promotion. His approach to management has garnered praise, marking a promising start to his coaching career. However, the possibility of him taking over at Liverpool seems remote.

Carrick's connection with Manchester United, where he enjoyed a storied playing career, makes him an unlikely candidate for the Liverpool job. Nonetheless, his emerging managerial profile suggests he could be a significant figure in football management in the near future.

The Scope of Liverpool's Managerial Search Liverpool's comprehensive search for Klopp's replacement illustrates the club's commitment to leaving no stone unturned. While Carrick is highly regarded, Liverpool's primary focus appears to be elsewhere. Ornstein noted that Xabi Alonso was a primary target and that the club is now pushing to secure Arne Slot from Feyenoord. This extensive search highlights the club's meticulous approach in identifying the ideal candidate to fill Klopp's shoes.

Photo: IMAGO The Future for Michael Carrick While Carrick may not be in the running for the Liverpool job, his strong performance in managerial data assessments suggests a bright future. His tenure at Middlesbrough is laying a solid foundation for what could be a distinguished managerial career. Ornstein's comments underline Carrick's potential: "He looks to be building an impressive early career in the dugout."

The football world will undoubtedly keep an eye on Carrick as he continues to develop his managerial skills. Whether he will eventually take the helm at a Premier League club remains to be seen, but his trajectory points towards significant opportunities ahead.

Michael Carrick's commendable performance in managerial assessments has not gone unnoticed, even by clubs like Liverpool. While his immediate future may not lie at Anfield, Carrick's potential as a top-flight manager is becoming increasingly evident. Liverpool's exhaustive search for Klopp's successor underscores the challenges and importance of such a decision, with the club exploring a wide range of candidates.

As Carrick continues to impress at Middlesbrough, his managerial journey will be one to watch, potentially leading him to the top echelons of football management. David Ornstein's insights shed light on the broader context of Liverpool's search and highlight Carrick's growing reputation in the football world.