Report: Manager may not be able to stop ‘unbelievable’ player from leaving amid Liverpool talks

English Premier League Mauricio Pochettino faces an uphill battle to keep Mason Mount at Chelsea this summer.

The Athletic report that the Argentine manager's intervention may be the only way Chelsea can keep the England international at the club this summer, but even then, Pochettino may not be able to convince Mount to stay at Stamford Bridge.

The 'unbelievable' midfielder has been locked in contract talks with the Blues for months at this point, and it is thought that he is exploring other options.

It really does look as though Mount will be leaving Chelsea, and while the Blues do have one final roll of the dice in the shape of Pochettino, it's unknown if the Argentine will be able to do enough to convince him to stay.

It doesn't look good for Mount at Chelsea. After all, his future lies in the hands of a manager who hasn't even been hired yet.

Yes, for all this talk of Pochettino convincing Mount to stay, we mustn't forget that Pochettino isn't even the Chelsea manager at this point, and until that appointment is confirmed, he is powerless.

Meanwhile, intermediaries can have a word in Mount's ear about these potential avenues at Anfield or Old Trafford, and with each passing day, he gets closer to the exit door at Chelsea.

It will be very interesting to watch Mount's future at Chelsea unfold, but it remains to be seen where he will end up or if Pochettino can actually convince him to commit his future to the club.

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