Report: When Nottingham Forest FFP appeal will start, journalist delivers worrying verdict
Source: Nottinghamforest

These are pretty worrying times at Nottingham Forest as the 2023/24 campaign draws to a close.

The Reds drew with Wolves yesterday to go a point clear of the relegation zone but they remain locked in a battle.

Forest have also had a points deduction to contend with. The Reds were docked four points for breaching financial fair play - although the club has appealed.

Now, some more details have emerged about the appeal process - and it appears as though there are going to be some more weeks of uncertainty ahead.

The Reds would be sitting pretty comfortable without the points deduction but they can't do anything other than perform on the pitch right now.


It's been claimed by The Telegraph that the appeal process will now start on the week commencing the 22nd of April.

The report - by Forest correspondent John Percy - claims that the chance of getting any points returned are slim at this stage.

Forest can't do anything about this right now and must instead focus on getting results on the pitch to stay in the Premier League.

The Reds did alright in yesterday's game against Wolves - with Martin Keown praising Forest for their performance.

The Premier League is completely farcical and Forest will hope for points back Right now, things are becoming farcical in the Premier League with Forest and Everton both having points deducted this season.

It's frankly become ridiculous and it would appear that the rules are almost being made up as they go along by the powers that be.

Everton have broken the rules twice yet their second charge saw them deducted fewer points than Forest who were first-time offenders.

It's just ridiculous that these things take so long to be sorted and it doesn't really feel fair on Luton either.

All Forest can do is focus on winning football matches and if they do that, Premier League safety is firmly within their grasp.