Forest fans concerned about ticket orice rises
Source: Footballeconomyv2

This week Nottingham Forest became the latest Premier League club to announce significant price rises for the 2024-25 season.

Forest fans say the rises are likely to price many fans out, particularly teenagers and young adults as the worst rises hit those age brackets.

New restrictions on the club's youth tickets are coming - which will now be limited to 17-year-olds down from 19. Meaning an 18-year-old sat in certain sections of the ground could be going from a ticket that is under PS190 to PS850.

Nottingham Forest Supporters' Trust said the rises were "totally disproportionate" and will likely price people out. Additionally, the club's flag group, Forza Garibaldi, also condemned the price rises and will be withdrawing upcoming displays at the City Ground in protest. "We are dismayed and frustrated to see the significant rise in season card prices," they said.

Clubs have been hit by inflation, notably utilities which show up in 'other expenses', but any increases need to be carefully thought out and targeted.

Share Get link Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Other Apps Labels Nottingham Forest Premier League I used to see a lifelong Wolves fan for lunch once a month. He was approaching ninety, but still went to games. Sadly he passed away the other week. As football finance guru Kieran Maguire has noted, Wolves continue to be constrained by financial fair play rules. Radio 4 this morning described them as this year's 'crisis club' and the pessimists have certainly been piling in. Martin Samuel wrote sympathetically in the Sunday Times yesterday, saying that the Premier League drives talent away with regulatory red tape: 'Why could Al-Hilal sign Neves? Because Wolves needed the money. And why did Wolves need the money? Because the club had to comply with an artificial construct known as financial fair play. So Wolves are going skint, yes? No. There is no suggestion that Wolves are in financial trouble, only that they are failing to meet the rigours of FFP. Wolves' owners appear to have the money to run the club, and invest in the club, and in fact came up with a pow