The mouthwatering Premier League prize money Wolves will earn compared to Everton, Brighton, Nottingham Forest and rivals
Source: Birminghamworld

Wolverhampton Wanderers have surpassed expectations this season, with Gary O'Neil helping the Old Gold challenge for a remarkable top-half finish. The progress has been sensational considering transfer funds have been effectively non-existent and the battle with injuries has been constant.

Not only has this campaign been a success on the field, but the higher-than-expected finish will earn Wolves a more significant prize money payout. Last season, Wanderers earned PS143.6 million, including the television rights payments. But how much could the total be this time around?

The Premier League's annual report unveils every team will pocket PS91.7 million through the 'equal share' from the UK and international broadcast deals. Clubs will also receive a 'merit payment' dependent on their final league position and 'facility fees' for additional showings on UK TV.

Last term, every position higher in the table increased the merit payment by around PS3.1 million due to lucrative international deals. These figures are expected to soar this year, but to gauge minimum we'll stick by last campaign's numbers.

The facility fees then varied up and down the division, with Manchester City earning the most with PS25.3 million and AFC Bournemouth the least with PS10.2 million. To keep things fair while the final TV appearance numbers are ironed out, we'll consider last season's mean figure of PS17.8 million.

Taking into account all of these mouthwatering figures, here's how much total prize money all 20 clubs - if they stay in their current positions - are set to earn at the end of the 2023/24 season.