Silva and Moyes don’t quite see eye to eye
Source: Claretandhugh

Irons & Fulham bosses see the Hammers 2-0 loss slightly differently.

Fulham manager Marco Silva seemed to view Fulham's 2-0 Premier League win over West Ham somewhat differently from David Moyes. I guess that's a regular occurrence between any two managers following a game of football, but I do find Silva's analysis far more reflective of the game.

Hammers manager Moyes seemed to be under the impression that his team enjoyed the best chances and controlled the game for large periods. However, Silva, whilst remaining respectful, seemed to disagree with that conclusion.

"It's a great win for us," Silva said. "We played well and, to be honest, I think we really deserved the three points. I have to say that, in the first 10 minutes, West Ham started better than us; they had a good chance to score with Antonio and we should have defended better in that situation."

Silva & Moyes both though their teams created the best chances-West Ham-Fulham Silva & Moyes both though their teams created the best chances

"But after that, when we scored the first goal, we started to control the game and we gained confidence. Overall during the match, we scored twice but created a lot more chances to score as well. Of course, West Ham had their chances."

"I think we were really solid, we were compact, we kept our concentration most of the time. And when this happens, we know the quality that we have, the way we play. We were solid, and most of our transitions, our counter-attacks, they were really good.

"Being more clinical, with more killer instinct, we should have scored more goals and been even more comfortable winning this game."