1. FC Union Berlin's Match Against FC Bayern Munich in Doubt
Source: Berliner Zeitung

1. FC Union Berlin and their upcoming away game in Munich are facing travel challenges due to a train strike by the GDL.

Fans are organizing alternative transportation methods, such as buses or cars, to make it to the game.

The team will be without Rani Khedira and Josip Juranovic for the match against FC Bayern.

The 1. FC Union Berlin is dealing with travel obstacles ahead of their away game in Munich due to a train strike by the Lokfuhrergesellschaft GDL. This has led fans to organize alternative transportation methods, such as buses or cars, in order to attend the match on Wednesday evening.

Unfortunately for 1. FC Union Berlin, they will also have key players missing from their lineup for this important fixture against FC Bayern Munchen namely Rani Khedira who is still injured and Josip Juranovic who is experiencing muscular problems.

In addition, coach Nenad Bjelica's team must now face an unsettled FC Bayern Munchen following their recent Bundesliga loss against SV Werder Bremen at home which resulted in them being seven points behind league leaders Bayer 04 Leverkusen before this crucial encounter.

Despite these setbacks, there might be hope for new striker Chris Bedia who could potentially feature in the starting eleven given his physical condition and lack of previous negative experiences with games against Bayern.

Overall, while both teams face challenges leading up to this matchup between two German football giants , it promises an exciting clash that fans won't want o miss out on!